What To Do In Case Of Audio Not Working In HP Laptop?

HP is known as one of the most reliable manufacturers of laptops. The problems with these devices happen very rarely and when they do, they are usually very easy to solve. Serious issues almost never happen, so if the audio is not working on your laptop, it probably isn’t because the sound card or the speakers got broken.

Audio Not Working In HP Laptop

Speaking from the experience in doing HP support, we can tell you that in most cases the culprit is the volume setting. That’s why the first thing you should check is whether the volume is turned off. Some laptop models have the volume control as part of the keyboard. The buttons usually include one for increasing and one for decreasing the volume, while there’s also the mute button, which will turn off the audio completely.

Apart from checking the hardware volume settings, you also need to check the speakers’ volume by opening the Volume Mixer. In order to do this, simply go to the bottom right corner of the home screen and click on the button representing a speaker. Right-click on it and select Volume Mixer. Now, make sure that all the settings are set to maximum (or at least not on mute).

hardware volume setting windows 7

If everything is alright with the volume settings, the issue might be a bit more serious. Some of the most common problems that cause the audio to stop working include the following:

  • Bad/outdated audio drivers
  • Outdated operating system
  • Problems with viruses
  • Broken speakers
  • Malfunctioning audio card

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to solve some of these problems on your own. The good news is that the HP technical support service can help you deal with it. Simply call our HP customer support number and our team will guide you through the whole problem-solving process.

If You'r Not Able to Solve This Issue Then Call Your Nearest HP Repair Centre


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