How to speed up HP laptop?

The sped of a computer depends on various things. First of all, the most important factor is its hardware. Unless your laptop has a good CPU and enough RAM memory, you can’t expect it to work fast. However, if your computer has all the things needed to put on a good performance, there might be something more serious going on.

slow hp laptop

There are many things that might be slowing down your HP laptop. Judging by the experience in doing HP support, we can say that some of the most common reasons include the following:

Running two or more antivirus programs at the same time – One is more than enough in terms of protection. Having two antiviruses won’t make your computer safer; it will only make it slower.

Malware infestation– Viruses are among the most common causes of various laptop problems, including this one.

Malware infestation

Too many background programs running simultaneously– Certain programs like Skype, Daemon Tools, and so on, may work in the background all the time. To check how many programs are running, go to the Task Manager and check the list of programs under Applications. If you see that some programs that you don’t need are opened, feel free to click on End Now.

running laptop background programs

Outdated operating system– If you’re using an older version of Windows, the programs on your computer might not be compatible with it. Our advice is to either switch to a newer version or to keep the Automatic Updates function turned one.

Outdated operating system

Unsuitable operating system– Some versions of Windows (Win 10) for example, should not be used on computers without enough RAM. As Windows 10 needs at least 4GB of RAM, make sure your laptop fits the requirement.

If, after checking these things, your laptop doesn’t get faster, the only solution is to ask experts for help. Luckily for you, our team for HP support Ireland stands at your disposal, ready to solve issues like this one.

If You'r Not Able to Solve This Issue Then Call Your Nearest HP Repair Centre


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